As a result of a growing interest in Macedonia’s investment potential, a number of international companies have started operations in the country, both as green-field projects and through different types of asset acquisition and privatization.

Some of the significant foreign investors include Johnson Matthey (UK), Mobilkom Austria (Austria), EVN (Austria),  Deutsche Telecom (Germany), Kromberg & Schubert (Germany), Dräxlmaier Group (Germany), Van Hool (Belgium), Societe Generale (France), Johnson Controls (USA), KEMET Corporation (USA), the National Bank of Greece (Greece), Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. (Greece), QBE Insurance Group Limited (United Kingdom), Mittal Steel (Netherlands), Duferco (Switzerland), and Titan Group (Greece), Marquardt (Germany), Coficab (Tunis), Mensan Otomotiv (Turkey), Endava (UK), Apple Land (Dubai), Anthura (Netherlands), Istem Medical (Turkey), ODW-Elektrik (Germany), Key Safety System (USA), Amphenol (USA), KPME (Ukraine), Teknohose (Italy), Prodis (Russia), Grishko (Russia), VPTEX (Netherlands).


Growing FDI 2016 

Source: National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia