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On 18 June 2015, Deputy CEO of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of Macedonia, Kliment Sekerovski attended the Vienna Economic Forum where topics like: Regional Cooperation on demand, Investments needs and possibilities in the West Balkan Countries as a part of the whole Region, Economy is the motor, and the like were discussed.


Mr. Sekerovski gave a presentation with the aim to highlight the investment opportunities in Macedonia as well as the economic integration of Macedonia and the economic cooperation with the other countries, as well as further input to the common regional economic development.

The  15th Annual Trade Conference  organized by the World Trade Center Harrisburg was held on 28th of May 2015 in York, Pennsylvania, the largest trade event in the United States. During the conference was held Fair closed which was attended by  fifty export-oriented companies, chambers of commerce and embassies.

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Invest Macedonia and the Macedonian Embassy in Washington presented at the fair with its own stand and a rich promotional material from Macedonia. During the fair, contacts have been established with several companies with production in the US and exported to Europe and are keen to move production into a European state.

Main focus

1. Presentation of the benefits offered by the Government to invest in the country;

2. The fair was attended by representatives of the business community and local chambers of commerce.

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Deputy CEO, Mr.Kliment Shekerovski, the president of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Ms.Danela Arsovska and the TBAA investment delegation discussed and agreed activities for Macedonian entrepreneurs, investors and companies in Istanbul by the end of 2015.

"We are here to present the importance of innovation. TBAA is present not only in Turkey but also in the whole of Eastern Europe, and that Macedonia has one of the fastest growing start up markets in the region. We are very excited to see the best Macedonian entrepreneurs today,"said Ali Altıntaç Bajbars, President of TBAA.

At the two-day event, a MOU was signed and future activities were discussed.

"It deepens the relationship between the state and the economy and is a unique tool that contributes to a stronger development of the national economy in terms of bringing know-how from foreign companies that are present here," said Kliment Shekerovski, Deputy CEO of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion.

“The initiative ‘Meeting the Investors and Entrepreneurs 24 May – 24 December 2015’ started with the TBAA visit and as result mutually agreed to organize “SEE Demo Day” and Invest in Macedonia in Istanbul in front of 400 investors with support of TBAA” said organizer of TBAA visit Ilija Vuckov, President of Emkice and member of EBAN  

Through the Turkish network of business angels, around 400 million dollars are being invested yearly in SMEs and start-ups, which are a generator of innovation and new job openings.